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NEW! Our Fibromyalgia Research Page
Space Weather
The Future of Paranormal Research
The EVP Project
The Orb Project
The Lunar Equation
Evidence for a vital Life Force
(NEW!)Psychometry: Is It Real?
Instrumental Transdimensional Communication (ITC)
Electromagnetic Fields
Portals, Vortices and Wormholes Part 1
Portals, Vortices and Wormholes Part 2
NEW! David's Wormhole Theory

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Spricom and ITC Research - Dr. Stephen Rorke
Casimer Effect and ZPE - Francis X Roarty
EEMU Hypothesis - William Mansker, Ph.D.
Complex Quantum Mechanics - Alex Ross
(NEW-MUST READ) Spacial Dynamics, by Robert Roudebush
The Dawn of Space and Time in a Selfconscious Quantum Universe - Tony Bermanseder's most excellent site
Testing the Validity of the Ghost Box as a Tool for Paranormal Investigation

Origins I - Alex Reynolds proposes an interesting concept about the Multiverse
Origins II - Alex Reynolds' quest continues
Origins III - Alex Reynolds weighs in on Love

Origins IV - Alex Reynolds continues with his expose with "Consciousness"

Origins V - Alex Reynolds continues with "A Cosmic Casimir Effect"
Origins VI - Alex Reynolds Presents "Unification"
Origins VII - Alex Reynolds Presents "The Shape of Things to Come"
Origins VIII - Alex Reynolds Presents "Its Only a Matter of Time"
Origins IX - Alex Reynolds Presents "The Omniverse Reloaded"

"The Grand Unifying Theory" of Antony Garrett Lisi


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Psychoacoustical Files Feel Free to use
What IS a ghost?
Infra Sound
Sound -101
The Fundamental Frequency Theory
Ghost Boxes
How to research a house's history
Building a house history worksheet
Shadow People - Part 1
Endings - A commentary inspired by Alex Reynolds
How to Investigate the Paranormal - From Co-Director of NJPRG John
Visit John's paranormal Blog

David's Mega-Verse Theory

The Megaverse-Worm Hole Connection Visualization
Conversations from the edge - Megaverse
The scientific evidence that there IS a megaverse - Recent Article

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NEW! The Dark Adapted Ear - A case Study
NEW! The Dark Adapted Ear - Audio Files

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